Song of the Week: D-Pryde - 12AM in Chinatown

I flip back and forth on D-Pryde.  He's definitely got the talent but some songs just end up being kinda weak for reasons I can't explain.  I loved the last mixtape (Flagship, get it on DatPiff if you haven't) and I was super-excited to see that he got signed by BMG, but the first song I heard from him after just didn't bring the heat like I wanted it to.  But he's back now with his own take on Drake's 5AM in Toronto, the humorously-titled "12AM in Chinatown", along with a mention of an upcoming EP.   He's got my interest. 2012 was pretty amazing for hip-hop and while I've been complaining, there's plenty of time for things to "turn up" for 2013, and an EP of this quality from D-Prizzy could only help with that. 


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