Battle Rap Wednesdays: JC vs. Caustic

Both JC and Caustic put in some work on this, but JC got it.  Apparently Caustic had some problems in the weeks leading up to this battle, leading to him writing most of his shit the night before.  Now you always hear that when a guy you expect to bodybag loses like this, but I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt.   Plus its not like he did terribly in this anyway--that Boston line was waaaaay too soon but it was REALLY good.

That said, I'm still getting tired of the excuse.  I hate that multiple battle leagues basically mean you can schedule as many battles as you want, which means despite that people usually know about most of their battles months in advance, usually they only write a week or two before the battle.  This is why you get so many battles where you get hyped for it and the battler you're hyped for is on Twitter RTing all these "Yo that's gonna be a classicccccc!!!" tweets from their fans or whatever, and then the battle comes out and people are like, "That was it?"   Battlers: Shit happens.  Don't just wait until two weeks before a battle and then be surprised when shit comes up.  Just because you CAN write your shit the night before, doesn't mean you should.  And all of you ain't got Caustic's skill anyway.

Speaking of two is it that Math Hoffa has been battling every two weeks for the past three months and STILL nobody's killed him aside from Hitman Holla (from what I heard).  Is it because he's battling scrubs or has he stepped his game up?  I usually think dude is basura but since his stock hasn't dropped yet (evidence is that he's still able to do this) it's gotta be one or the other.


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