Night of Main Events Takes Over...

Battle rap getting to be like boxing or pro wrestling.  These cats got promos for the battles and shit.

From Canadian/West Coast league King of the Dot...

And from NYC/Midwest League (hahaha) URL...

I'm starting to see now why people say URL has gotten too big.  They're unquestionably the largest League in the game, with most of their least-watched battles having the numbers of other League's highest watched ones.  But with that size and that popularity comes a certain...arrogance. 

Ya'll got to come on with this "anybody that imitates us is a biter" or "you're going to see a lot of imitators" or whatever.   Cut that out.  Its a lot of good battlers out there, and its plenty of potential battles for every league to keep them coming.  And ya'll are really a NYC League anyway--that's where all your battles are held.  The last NOME was held in like Chi-Town or something, but this one's being held where?  NYC.  Summer Madness 3 is going to be held where?  NYC.   Which means every NYC battler (and there's a LOT of them) are going to automatically have home field advantage, and that shit got to get old.

Now on some other shit....there's a reason why I posted both URL and KOTD's videos in the same article.   If you haven't already watched them, go watch but if you have you know what I'm talking about.   See anything different?  Like how one video is inexplicably five times longer

Don't get me wrong, I'm more excited to see the battles from Night of Main Events than the ones from Takeover, but shiiit.  Twenty minutes??  So I can hear basically every battler on there talk about how "he ain't gone beat me--I'm a better rapper" for two, three minutes?   KOTD covered the same amount of information in a fraction of the time.  (Speaking of, don't fuck up and do the same thing KOTD.  This shit gotta stop.)

Now, as for the battles themselves, let's talk predictions...

Dizaster vs. Cortez - Dizaster 2-1 or 3-0.  Not sure why Diz is taking this.  I keep telling ya'll this dude is corny but ya'll swear he battle rap Jesus.

Thesaurus vs. The Deadman - Thesaurus 2-1. 

Daylyt vs. KG The Poet - Daylyt 2-1, or debate-able.

J-Pro vs. JC - JC 2-1 clean.  That boy JC is a workhorse.

The other three I don't know anything about those rappers so I'll have to see.

As far as NOME3...

Big-T vs. K-Shine.  K-Shine 2-1 or 3-0.  I won't even make the usual Shine jokes--dude just got bars.

Hitman Holla vs. Conceited - Hitman Holla 2-1 or debateable.  Conceited get a lot of love but I wasn't impressed by the battle I saw between him and Tsu Surf, while Hitman is pretty consistent.  Both MCs been sitting on bars so they should be entertaining either way.

DNA vs. Chilla Jones - Can't call it.  DNA's had a bad year and Chilla been sitting on bars since like, the B-Magic battle last year?   This can go one of two ways: Either Chilla's stockpile of bars leads to a 3-zip battle or DNA comes out of nowhere with the same performance he had against Dizaster and either makes it a classic or wins.

B-Magic vs. Charlie Clips - Something tells me Magic is going to win this.  Clips has never had a real loss before, and this might be his first.  That's just a random gut feeling.  But if I had to go off bars and who I think is the better battler, I would say Clips 2-1 easy.  Just chill on that house scheme guy.

Tsu Surf vs. Hollow Da Don.  The D-d-d-don wins 3-0 or 2-1.  Most likely the former.  Remember that AyeVerb vs. Charlie Clips battle, where Clips had just come out of jail and had been sitting on bars on top of bars on top of bars?  This is like that, except Hollow's been out of the game even longer I think.

Dizaster vs. T-Rex.  At least he's taking a rapper that's kinda hard to beat.  Of course O-Red bodied him earlier this year, but still.  Overall I'm calling it Dizaster 2-1.  Maybe 3-zip if T-Rex slips.

We'll see in July.  Later.


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