Freeverse Fridays: Loaded Lux

Loaded Lux is a wizard with words, so you just enjoy that video for a moment and then we'll get into something else after you've watched.

Done?  Okay.  So having watched this I realized that if Summer Madness 3 does have Loaded Lux vs. Hollow Da Don, I'm pretty sure I know the winner.   It's Hollow.  And not because he's a better rapper.  This just proved to me that a prepared Loaded Lux CAN'T actually lose to anybody out there right now.

But Loaded can't beat Hollow, and its because of this: Hollow Da Don is funny.  Like, don't get me wrong Loaded has some jokes but in the end when it comes down to bars vs. jokes, jokes will win out every time.   Lux will be there with this complicated wordplay with hard-hitting bars that are honestly way too good for the battle game, and Hollow will be there with "leave blood on the wall and the cabinets homey/it'll look like four bad-ass kids was eating ravioli" every bar and he'll take it.  2-1 or 3-0. 

Don't get me wrong--nobody else is capable of doing it.  Hollow's got a good flow and great jokes and very few people in the game are as funny as he is and can break rappers down like he can.  He's literally one of the best in the game.  (Hollow vs. Surf is a bodybag for Hollow.  And if they fuck up and put him up against anybody else for SM3 that's a wrap too.)  Plus he's been out of the game for like two years and has had plenty of time to write--and three rounds like what he did against Big T R3 will KO anybody.

That said, its Hollow's battle to lose.  If he tries to go bar for bar that shit ain't gonna work and it'll be a bodybag in the other direction.  But crowds in general love jokes more than anything else (jokes >> bars >> aggression), and I don't see why not: You come to a battle to get entertained, and what's more entertaining than some good laughs.  They'll be way easier to digest than lines like: "I could be your floor exit/On your front door checking the vortexes You had enclosed in your data code/They had it closed, but daddy's home". 

If it seems like I'm dickriding or I'm a stan or whatever....?  Get over yourself.  Do you know how many shitty sports schemes I watch rappers build?  Or how many bad "E.R." lines I've sat through in the past year?   To be honest, I don't care who wins just so long as they both put on their best show so I can forget all the terrible battles I've seen and don't even bother to link to this site. 


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