Remember that Young Justice video game?

There are two potentially correct answers: "Not really" and "Just barely".  And with good reason, since this is developer Little Orbit's first real video game.

...And obviously, the very first trailer they've ever made.  The narrator for this is probably the worst I've ever heard--it's obvious he's forcing the "In a world..." deep voice, and both his lines and the few lines we heard from the characters sound like they threw the script together at the very last moment. 

I would say I expect better, but the reality is this is a property that Warner Bros./Cartoon Network shoved to the side sometime last year: it didn't make them enough money, or the rights to the Milestone characters were too expensive, or the execs at CN just didn't like the show--there's actually so many reasons that I'm surprised they even finished the season.   So I'm not expecting much from this game, other than the chance to finally play as Tim Drake in a video game.  And who knows?  It might just be a nice surprise.  I try to be hopeful. 


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