Bravoman, Super-Enqualed Hero of Excellence

Bravoman is an obscure Namco property that came out on the TurboGrafx-16 back in 1990.  Recently, it was revived by a duel-effort between Namco-Bandai and UDON on a site called ShiftyLook, where a bunch of older Namco properties are being revived as webcomics.  Bravoman, for whatever reason, was chosen to *also* receive a cartoon webseries, with the main character voiced by Rob Paulsen (AKA, Wakko from Animaniacs) and voice acting legend Dee Bradley Baker voicing his "side kick" Alpha Man.   Check out episodes 1 & 2 below.

We're only two episodes in, but so far I actually like this series.  Aside from the super catchy, hilariously non-sensical intro ("He's whole wheat with plenty of Bran..."), it just reminds me of a much happier time.  Bravoman is irreverent about himself without being stupid, and the humor is decently smart without being mean.  It's the kind of innocent humor that was around in the mid-90's when Kids' WB was at its best (think Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim, Road Rovers, etc..).   It's not the most brilliant show ever, but it puts a smile on my face.   If you want a bit of nostalgia without being outright strangled by it, give it a try. 


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