Battle Rap Wednesdays: Bonnie Godiva vs. Quastar

Both of these ladies need a lot more work on their delivery.  Granted this video is like a year old so maybe they both stepped their games up, I dunno.  I give it to Bonnie though.  Her lines were pretty good, and even though her delivery made me almost cut the video a few times, she just came off better than Quastar.   Don't get me wrong, Quastar had some hot lines ("Are you a carpet muncher?/No bitch, I'm a target puncher" had me rolling), but she wasted two of her rounds calling Bonnie ugly.

...C'mon chick, really?  Yeah I know you're supposed to insult, but c'mon.  She's standing there looking like Gabrielle Union's little sister and you enough metal in your face to give Magneto a hard-on.  Find another angle.   So while Quastar's delivery was a little more natural AND she had some dope lines here and there too, she wasted a lot of her time so I gotta hand it to Bonnie.


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