Music Video of the Week - Dream - My Will

Say what you will about Inuyasha (I certainly have), but it had some of my favorite openings and endings in all of anime.  Japanese music has been apart of my life since I was about 10 and I first heard Ayumi Hamasaki's Depend on You in Thousand Arms, and My Will was probably one of the last songs I ever heard in an opening or ending before I realized Napster/Kazaa was a thing and started pestering the shit out of a good friend of mine to download and burn to CD.  

It also serves the unique distinction of being the first song I ever realized was completely, totally pop and that I had to get out of my hipster/music snob feelings to enjoy because its actually quite beautiful.  dream had some pretty good singers who were actually quite good at maintaining harmony and creating infectious songs that I couldn't NOT enjoy.


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