Under the Sea...

It looks like BBC's got another fantasy-type series coming out.  Now I was a huge fan of BBC's recent Robin Hood series, despite the fact that it had more anachronisms than your average Flintstones episode.   I skipped out on Merlin because quite frankly I thought the series tagline of "Keep the Magic Secret" was a weak excuse to hide their shitty television budget.  Plus I was worn out on modern retellings of Arthurian lore that couldn't be bothered to get it right, or at least if they got it wrong, make things interesting. 

So now, with Robin Hood and Merlin both gone, we have BBC's Atlantis, and I'm completely unsure of what to make of it.  When I think of Atlantis, I picture mages and an ancient but beautiful underwater civilization.  What I don't think of is Jason (presumably) of the Argonauts.   I get that they both have their origins in Greek mythology, but what I don't get is why they conflated the two when one or the other would have made a fine series.   It certainly can't be that they needed a "big name" for a main character--who even knows Jason like that?  They could just as easily have made a brand-new series set underwater with a new main character and made him into someone, but I guess they thought "name recognition" was more important.  Go figure.   Still, I suppose there could be more to the series we just haven't seen yet.  Time will tell.

BBC's Atlantis premieres this fall.  


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