George Perez's She-Devils

I'm shifting away from DC Comics for reasons that I'll explain in a future blog post.  Of course, that still leaves me with the problem of deciding what to read while I wait for them to right the ship.  But if things like what BOOM! Studios has in the works keeps happening, I think I might be good.

All I know right now is that She-Devils is a project by George Perez, the guy who's responsible for some of the best art of the 80's, 90's, and even today.  And yet, I still need this comic so bad, I might actually buy it as it comes out, rather than wait on it to be released in a trade format.   That art is just too amazing, and personally I love the idea of an all-female super-team.  

This information comes from CBR's coverage of the Baltimore Comic-Con, with no other news other than it launching in 2014.  Looking forward to it.


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