Battle Rap Wednesdays: Arcane vs. Pat Stay

King of the Dot's World Domination 4 event a couple weeks ago featured a title match between current champion Arcane and challenger Pat Stay.  Now Pat Stay's been in quite a few battles over the past year or so, with legends like Head Ice, and well-known battlers like Math Hoffa.  In every battle he's participated in, Pat's always brought endless humor and an almost undeniably likable personality, even though he tries to play the villain.

Now, about seven months or so ago, Dizaster and Arcane battled for the chain and Arcane took that, despite Dizaster revealing that Arcane had bought some bars that may or may not have helped him get his title shot.  

Unfortunately, bar theft or not, Arcane won that chain.  And he won this one, even though the judges said differently.  Yeah yeah I know, he bought bars--but look, if you're that upset about it?  Ban the guy from your league.  I mean seriously--listen to that fucking crowd.  Pat ain't THAT fucking popular, they just hated Arcane that much.   If you're not going to ban Arcane from the battles, you have to base each battle purely on their merits, and he pretty much won this match, 2-1.

Now I'm not saying Pat Stay got bodybagged.  Far from it, because like he said, that round 2 is some haunting, soul-crushing ether that Arcane is going to have to go home and legitimately think about.  Buuuut Arcane had a better performance aside from the brief choke, he had stronger, better crafted bars, and in all honesty his Round 2 shouldn't be something Pat can just blow off either. 

Still, while it sucks that KOTD continues its tradition of passing the chain on to the challenger even if they don't really deserve it, Arcane and Pat both brought us a classic match-up that will probably end up being one of the best matches of the year.

Favorite bar: "I don't care if you're popping oxy, moron, don't get smart, idiot."


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