Natural Doctrine Trailer

One of the titles announced at Sony's pre-TGS conference for the Japanese launch of the PS4, Natural Doctrine is a Strategy RPG coming from Kadokawa Games, the developer behind Lunar 1 & 2 (two of my favorite video games of all time).   Featuring designs by Atsushi Ikayrya (Fate/Zero) of ufotable and directed by Atsushi Ii of Patapon fame, Natural Doctrine is set in a world where high fantasy world where humans are suddenly being forced to co-exist with a number of hostile species.  The main character, Jeff, is a guard who is assigned to help acquire resources by clearing out goblin dens to help the human race's continued existence.

Though the game's battle system appears to be reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and Valkyria Profile, when I look at the screenshots and video footage, it just reminds me of those action figure and playsets combos I used to see in toy commercials as a kid, and the more elaborate ones used for with adult models.  Y'know, only these actually move and shoot lightning and fireballs and guns at each other.  I'm actually down for that.

Natural Doctrine launches in Japan on the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and Playstation 4 on February 22nd.  Here's hoping it comes over here soon as well.

Information Source: Gematsu


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