Battle Rap Wednesday: Charron vs. DNA

I have no idea what bullshit happened with Shotgun Suge.  That was a match that I wasn't really hyped for since I don't know Suge and didn't know Charron, but when it turned into DNA vs. Charron my interest picked up.   Believe it or not, DNA is probably one of the most hated battlers online, but I've liked the guy ever since I saw him battling against Dizaster a few months ago.  He's got a lot of freestyle talent and he always brings a crazy amount of energy to his battles.

That said.  Charron was crazy with this, giving one of the best second rounds I've ever seen (probably the best of the year), with an insane verse--especially for someone who only had eight days to write.   You can score it how you like; personally I liked the match so much I don't really care who won.  DNA kinda sorta edged Rds 1&3 but Charron's 2nd was so good I can see someone going either way.  Both emcees brought the best of their abilities and made something great from a less than great situation.  


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