Battle Rap Wednesdays: Mr. Mill$ vs. Genocide

I should be posting Dizaster vs. Arsonal, but I'll get back around to that presuming the shit ain't wack.  I'm technically posting this from the past since I saw this battle Sunday and I got a super busy week.

If you watch these battles and you're not a fan of my man Jayblac, that's a serious mistake.  Dude is the best battle rap reviewer on YouTube--he's great with the jokes and he always makes intelligent points.  He's good enough that his review will make me go back and catch some of the things that I missed in a battle, and sometimes even make me appreciate a battle more.  (I honestly thought Hollow/Surf was trash aside from Hollow's third until I saw the Jayblac review.)  Anyway, Jayblac made a great point when he said that people need to start peeping other Leagues, especially when they have better material/rappers than the so-called "pros".

This, is one such battle.  Bar for bar, this battle can compete with nearly all of the ones that have been held this year at KOTD, and certainly at URL.  From their delivery and flow to the actual bars being spit, Mr. Mill$ and Genocide were on their professional shit and they brought that energy back to battle rap I was starting to lose the feeling for with all these mediocre bars I've been hearing.  So thanks to both of ya'll, 'cause BRW was about to die if they kept doing the shit they've been doing.  #barsovernames

Next week I'll probably be back on that KOTD stuff, since the WD4 battles are still going up. 


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