The world is ever changing...

I still don't believe this game really exists, but here's your full gameplay trailer nonetheless.

Its in Japanese, but the characters aren't saying anything especially important, just throwaway anime dialogue like "Leave it to me," and "Thanks you saved me" and whatnot.

I'll have to actually play it myself or at least read about someone who has, but XV looks like a full switch over from XIII's "not really an RPG, and definitely not an action game" to action, with main character Noctis teleporting from building to building, and using his Wall O'Swords to both climb the sides of the aforementioned builds as well as block enemy attacks.

The gameplay shows off a variety of villains, from normal human foot soldiers to the mythical giant monsters most Final Fantasy players are used to.  I'd be lying if I said this didn't look interesting, but I'd also be lying if I said you'll be seeing this game before 2015. 

>> inb4 XV is a launch title


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