Battle Rap Wednesdays: Charlie Clips vs. Serius Jones

I finally sat down to check this battle out the other night, and its like most people say: Clips 2-1.  But its definitely not a body--Serius' third round is mean.  Like, real mean.  It had to be to make up for that garbage second, but still. 

Memorable lines:

"You can try that freestyle shit, Jones, but it don't work here./If you freestyle about the barbershop, then it hurt, and you really work there."  -- Clips

"Yeah, ya'll know me.  It's been a minute, but off the top, I dismantle shit./Yeah, nine years ago I was a barber, so you know I know how to handle Clips." - Serius

Nowhere near as excellent an example of freestyle versus writtens as AyeVerb vs. Hollow Da Don, but still a good battle.  Summer Madness got at least 3 hot battles, which makes up for Mook and Iron and that Ness battle.  Still I'm looking forward to SM3 stepping it up.


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