Battle Rap Wednedsays: JC vs Pooh Bear

Yep.  This went down like it was supposed to.   JC got this 3-0, even though the first half of his last round was super light, nothing Pooh Bear had could really scratch dude.  It's getting about time for him to get on that big stage, but I'm pretty sure SMACK ain't trying to put him on Summer Madness 3.   I'm glad he's getting light in KOTD--hopefully next up he'll start on Don't Flop.

Favorite line: "The same story, but the Garden of Eden is out./He act, so ya'll believe that ni--a he scream he about./But since bitch was made from a ni--a, it doesn't justify bitch-made ni--as!"

That ass-whuppin' was biblical.   Anyway, at some point some of these top tier dudes gotta give JC a shot.  He's battled nearly 20 times, got one classic under his belt, and went up against two well-respected battlers (Caustic and O-Red) and still hasn't lost a battle since fairly early on.  He should've been on that NOME 3 card but they gave that spot to Chilla instead so maybe we'll see him during SMACK's end of the year event.  Either that or he can keep rolling over KOTD battlers.


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