Battle Rap Wednesdays: Charlie Clips vs. Tony D

The first time I saw Tony D was when he battled Real Deal.  This was a terrible look, as he somehow managed to forget his verses all three rounds while Real Deal was throwing out haymakers.  Still, he makes a good second impression, going bar for bar with one of my favorites in the battling game, Charlie Clips.  The lines about "stop with the five minute rounds, you ain't that nice with it" and the general shots at URL's disgustingly long battles (most of these cats DON'T deserve five minutes) were on point.   He still couldn't pull of a win to me though. 

Don't get me wrong, Clips makes some mistakes in his battles (for instance in this one: what's with all these basketball lines while you're in the UK?  They watch soccer, make some bars about that shit.), but overall he's just one of the top tier guys in the game.  His main weakness is his lack of experience but honestly that's changing now.  He's had 2 battles this year so far (his third got canceled through no fault of his own), and I'm willing to bet he's on both the Night of Main Events and the Summer Madness 3 cards, so that's probably another 2 battles coming up. 

In any case, I give this to Clips 2-1.  His first round was pretty slick, and the second round when he does the "At any given time I could turn into a Harlem aggin" scheme was hilarious.  


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