Sage's Stray Thoughts: Ep. 6

 Don't worry about what happened to five.  Just roll with it.

Convergence sounds like a bad sci-fi film: The good people at Bleeding Cool have a possible title for DC's next event: "Convergence".     What I wanna know is...why DC always gotta have clean-up crew doing their big events?    I like quite a few people on that list of possible creators, but they really need to start picking star names for things like this.   Your editor staff is who's moving, I'm pretty sure most of your writers telecommute.    This is a huge step up from Flashpoint though, where I think ya'll just found some janitors who passed Comp I and just gave them vague outlines and a week off from work. 

Also, this is going to be humiliating if these books end up more popular than your New 52.  Just saying.

DC's an MS Paint Guy, Marvel's on that Photoshop:   See DC?  This is how you do a reveal.  It looks like someone actually got paid to design these logos.   They made a big show of things--they didn't just release something on Twitter and count on geek sites to promote until it got to the noteworthy sites.

As far as the films themselves...I'm a little sad at their choice for Black Panther, as one he should've been an actual African and two it applies to that "One New Black Guy" theory I initially said as a joke but is obviously true the more I think about it and find evidence for it.   (The way it works is there can only be one black actor to escape the ghetto of Tyler Perry and Ice Cube films and reach a larger audience at a time.  Any more and we might have, I dunno, diversity in Hollywood or something.)

But yeah, I'm actually pretty hyped about this.  Civil War's a dumb idea because it's just going to make Tony look like a jerk (the bad kind), but Infinity War will be along shortly afterwards to make them all put aside the BS and get back to work.   

Marvel's actually pretty on top of things with this slate--if the Benedict Cumberbatch thing is true they've automatically got a fanbase they can tap into for the Strange film, while Captain Marvel and Black Panther will probably make it purely off being solo hero films for non-white male audiences.  

Also: all jokes aside, while DC's film slate isn't something I'm remotely interested in at the moment, I'm incredibly impressed with their television series.   If you're a superhero fan this is what we've lived for, all our lives--to see our favorite characters put on the big (and small!) screen.  Relax and enjoy the show(s).  All of them.

Almost Done: Yikes, can't believe it's November tomorrow.  One more month and I'm out of school...and I only have a semester left before I graduate.  Admittedly, I'm terrified of what exactly happens after I graduate as I'm not fit to do much besides muse about comic books, video games, and anime or write my own comic books, video games, or anime...but hey!   I'll have a degree!  It's not like millions (and millions) of other people my age can say the same...right?    Ugh.  I'm depressing myself, so I think I'll stop lol.

Either way, school's been long as fuck so I'm going to go ahead and cut this "short".   Happy Halloween folks.

 Yes, those are the Shazam kids.  Yes, it's adorable.   Whoever drew this is owed a cookie. 

Just a reminder that when I'm not here, that means I'm usually doing work for some other place, like TokuNet and Bleeding Cool, both of which are awesome places you should visit even when I'm not doing anything for them.   But as I have, check the links below out first!
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