Battle Rap Wednesdays: Heartless vs. Calicoe

"I would have thought Heartless, would have made you care who you bet your life against."

That line Lux spit was one of the few that went over my head when I first watched the Lux vs. Calicoe battle that brought me into battle rap, and it took awhile before I learned what he meant in this. 

Calicoe was one of the first battlers in the new era to ever get that "undefeated" tag that pretty much gets passed around like a hot potato now.  You win a few battles, doesn't matter if your opponent sucked or had a wack night, and suddenly you're "unstoppable".   Cal was the first guy to get that...but if you dig a little closer, every undefeated guy has a battle which is "debatable" but edges closer towards an L for them.    This is Calicoe's--a battle in which he let a GT rapper in a bright pink hat from the SONS crew 2-1 him.   It's life; it happens.  He survived this, and he survived the battle with Lux and went on to 3-0 Tsu Surf around the time people thought he  was unstoppable. 

Over the next few weeks look forward to more older battles like this while URL sorts its shit out and starts dropping the 150000 battles they had in their last two PPVs.


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