Battle Rap Wednesdays - Danny Myers vs. AyeVerb

"That contract is set in stone, a beast come out--I'm a Gargoyle!"

Nevermind how many people he's killed this year, Danny Myers deserves rapper of the year for getting the 2009 Verb in 2014 alone.   Both of these guys killed it on the stage, and from what I've seen so far, Duel in the Desert is probably going to go down as one of the best events this year, and helping 2014 to be the best year for battle rap since I started watching back in 2012. 

Impossible to call--all three rounds are pretty much pure fire from both emcees, with no rounds I can just "give" to either of them, aside from Verb wasting half his third doing that same flow Daylyt had versus Charlie Clips.     I think its still too early to say Verb back, but I'll be able to say for sure once I see his battle from SM4. 


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