Battle Rap Wednesdays - Charron vs. Shotgun Suge

"Look at me when I'm killing you!"

This is one of those battles that will never be up for discussion.  At best you can argue 2-1 for Charron because his third was just dissing himself, but that was STILL more dope than what Shotgun spit.   Let's get one thing clear: I'm sure if Shotgun swung hard enough, even if he missed the air from his punch would prolly knock Charron clean the fuck out. 

But I don't watch battles to see what fights break out.   Ya'll don't train to fight so that's basically watching two bums duke it out and I don't give a fuck about that.   Shotgun challenged Charron to a war of words and got lyrically destroyed, all three rounds.   Only way you take his side is if you buying into that corny race war bullshit.  But Mike Brown bars don't win you points in my corner, because that's a real problem you made into a corny bar to get people on your side.  


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