Battle Rap Thursdays - Hitman Holla vs. Tsu Surf

The last grudge match in battle rap...or something. 

Battle starts seven minutes in.   Anyway, not that I'm buying what URL was selling as far as this being the last "important" match in battle rap, but this was decent.   Yes, just decent.  Ya'll forgot that Hollow da Don vs. Loaded Lux happened this year, didn't you?   All that hype and even though it was definitely everything it should've been, people still don't talk about it nearly as much as they should.

I'm calling this 2-1 in Hitman's favor, but Surf's third makes things debatable.  Usually I don't really enjoy Surf--dude reaches like crazy and he never spits anything all that cold to me, but his third here was really great stuff.  (Even if it's a copy of Verb's third from 2012, making this the second time somebody paraphrased that same concept and did something crazy with it.)   It's really all going to come down to what you like more from the second, and I just found Hitman's bars better for that.

Anyway, hopefully we'll start seeing some of the Duel in the Desert vids from KOTD soon.   


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