Battle Rap Wednesdays - JC vs. Moses West

A hometown battle.

Takes a lot to be willing to go into another man's city and spit, but JC does that shit flawlessly.  He battles a little too often to make it into the Top 5, but he's given a ton of newcomers that early ass-whipping they need to realize they need to get their shit together.

The only problem I have with this one is all the people in the comments saying Moses won that are clearly from that area.   The man can't grow if you're being biased.  He had choked in the first, had a number of stumbles and outright stole someone's angle for his second round--off this alone he lost the battle and that's to say nothing of JC's performance. 

Still, this was a lot closer than some of the lyrical beatdowns I've seen JC give out before, so there's that.  


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