Friday, July 29, 2011

More Green Lantern footage

Five full minutes of footage added on. Awesome.

Kind of annoyed at how composed the Red Lanterns are, and hoping for a "mature" Green Lantern cartoon one day, but for now this is...decent.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Song of the Week: Childish Gambino - Bonfire

I'm guessing CG performed at San Diego Comic Con. 'Cause this happened:

It's the full version of the track he currently has up on his site. I prefer studio tracks to lives unless I'm actually there, so it's a testament to how much I like this song that I'm posting it here.

Also... "Made the beat then murdered it--Casey Anthony." There's got to be some kind of achievement you unlock when you keep "going there" to make dope lines. Platinum Trophy: Came On Your Comfort Zone.

Lyrics for those who have trouble hearing the song can be found with annotations on RapGenius.

An MMO I finally care about.

The announcement of the Marvel Universe MMO finally sucked me into the world of MMOs. Not to the point that I'll be playing any big name games, but Marvel suckered me into their MMO, if nothing else.

With Marvel having explained that the MMO will allow you to play as real Marvel characters, it's finally done something that grabbed my attention in a way other MMOs simply could not.

There's still no real information on the game (not even screenshots), so they could botch it up, but right now I'm going to remain positive, and see about suckering my friends into playing this free to play game.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman....I present to you, Kaoru.

Direct from Generasia, Japanese actress Takei Emi has been cast as Kamiya Kaoru. I think she's cute, so she's got that part down...

でも。。。Kaoru was ALSO a decent swordswoman. She wasn't Kenshin-level, but (very) few were. She had more than a couple battles in the series, so she'll need to be capable of handling herself in the movie and (hopefully) eventual J-drama. Generasia reports she's already begun training in swordplay, so I'm willing to be hopeful about it right now.

The film is estimated to premiere in the summer of 2012. We'll see, hm?

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Press Conference Info

Information about the new Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. It's a subtitled press conference from Bandai, but it's 20 minutes long, so don't watch if you can't sit still.

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 Trailer

It's Comic-Con, and there's lots of trailers. I get it. Just be quiet and be glad you only need to go to one site to see the good ones.

My favorite sci-fi series on television (second favorite of all time) returns to television August 27th. (Gotta fix my calendar.)

If you want more information, Bleeding Cool covered the panel where the trailer itself was presented. It's an informative read--but it's also a long one, so be warned.

The Dark Knight Rises

Harry Potter 7 part 2 (or HP8) broke the previous record set by The Dark Knight. I'm kinda hoping that the finale to the better Batman trilogy comes back and out does HP.

I'm predicting Batman and Bruce (both lives) being pushed to their absolute limit in this film. The question being, how ballsy is Christopher Nolan. Will this movie end with Batman dying? Or will he quit? Or will he forever be the city's Dark Knight Detective?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Internet and Happiness

I decided yesterday that I'm done with the internet.

Not in the sense that one might think--in fact, I'll probably be online as much as ever, just in different ways. I can't keep this site going without being on the internet, but what's changing is that I'm swearing off internet forums, or any form of comment section that's not this site.

This website was started some time ago when I had basically left any forum I'd ever visited, and didn't have any plans to go to others. I worked out my frustrations at them without consciously admitting that I just couldn't go to them anymore with a number of different, badly written bitch fits that was one of the few times this place ever felt like a regular blog.

But as I look back over the last...year or so, the simple fact is that forums have usually brought more problems than happiness. I can't get one post in without someone whining, and eventually it messes with your excitement to see someone post "Hope it's not garbage like the last show/comic was!" about something that isn't even out yet.

And I can't do it anymore. Or rather, I choose not to. This new DC project is an example--I haven't been this hyped about comics in years, but all the forums just piss all over it. And all you get when you complain about the negativity are jerk-offs that think they're funny by complaining about people who complain about the negativity.

I just, fail to see the point, any longer. It's NOT discussion. The majority of people are not being rational, and we are not getting informed opinions--we're getting inflamed ones. And it's impossible to reason with people who cannot accept that at the end of the day, an entertainment business has NO desire to screw it's fans. (If they did, they wouldn't make money.)

Comic fans online do not seem to care about good storytelling, or good artwork with that storytelling. They care about numbers. They care about fifty years worth of backstory--most of which they weren't around for OR never even read; logic that puzzles anyone rational, from fans to creators.

And don't tell me it's actually the majority of comic fans--that's a lie. I'm not buying it anymore. The protest of the DC relaunch got all of five hundred fans on Facebook who agreed to show up at the SDCC. And about twenty showed up in person. At best I'd multiply the number of people who hate this by ten. At BEST. And 5,000 fans on a comic book gets it canceled, even in comics' state right now.

It's not just comics, either. Television, anime, cartoons, whatever--the nature of an internet forum involves letting fans whine to their hearts' content. A mission statement that is completely OPPOSITE of JiH's. This place exists to bring you great works. Great comics, great cartoons, great television series, great anime--whatever. If something sucks? I simply don't talk about it, because there's no purpose.

And at places where all people do is talk about what they think sucks, *I* have no purpose. Other than to have my own excitment and happiness trampled on. So I'm taking a proactive stance to cut that off, here and now.

Any forum that can't offer some form of news that I cannot get online elsewhere, is now dead to me. And even those only matter for what I can learn from them. for the next 90 days. Let's see how different I feel come day 90.

Later folks.

Trailers Trailers Trailers....

But it's SDCC, so it's whatever. Check out the new Kamen Rider Fourze trailer, debuting in September. Starts roughly at a minute and thirty seconds.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Bryan and Mike are geniuses. The fight scenes look as good as they ever did, but seeing my Avatar world modernized makes me happier than I can put into words. Just seeing the universe grow and change makes it feel like a living, breathing world that we're interacting with (something I love but don't get much of in any given media form).

Legend of Korra is scheduled for 2012, and will run roughly 26 episodes. From what I know of it thus far, it'll be about the newest Avatar, Korra, learning Airbending from Tenzin, Aang's son. She'll also have to stop an anti-bending revolutionary force.

Seriously I'm hoping this is even bigger than the original, so Nick will continue giving Bryan and Mike giant tubs of money to create the expanded universe of Avatar:TLA.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

A full clip of the new series:

I like it. It isn't drawn, but it still feels like a Green Lantern series to me. Check it out on Cartoon Network on DC Nation, March 2012.

Batman: Arkham City trailer

I want to like this game. I seriously do. They haven't done anything WRONG, per se, just not enough RIGHT to make it a complete sale. (If they do episodic content, then I probably will.) This does not stop the following clip from being awesome.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spider-Man: Edge of Time trailer

A must-buy now. Looking forward to playing this game in October--only complaint being it feels like it won't show the vastness of the Spider-Man universe. (Shattered Dimensions probably does that pretty well, however.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man trailer

So the bootlegged trailer of Amazing Spider-Man has hit the web.

Feels like a different movie from these two minutes alone. People are saying it's like Batman, but I don't get that. Not yet at least. A big theme behind a Batman film is that he's dealing with common criminals, besides the Joker and Ra's. Even when he's against rogues, he's still facing people that are robbing banks, starting gangs.

Spider-Man's villains have different mindsets. They want to take over the world. They have genuine delusions of grandeur in some form or another. I'm guessing the Lizard won't be all that different either.

But I like what I see right now. They're involving Peter's parents into his origins, which in the main universe you almost never hear about. Also love seeing the web shooters, and that they went out of their way to show us.

Didn't care for the first person view of the city, as it seemed kinda fake, but I imagine in HD I'd be much more impressed. Anyway, this is the first movie of next year I'm willing to pay to see. More coming though--TDKR, Avengers, Wolverine (if it looks decent...I was more interested when Darren Aronofsky was on the project) and Superman: Man of Steel. SDCC came at a perfect time.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe trailer

I feel cheated. They keep making these awful looking Transformers games (WFC aside), and suddenly Voltron fans get an old-school game that looks just like the original cartoon. It's a PSN/XBLA game, so don't get carried away complaining about the graphics.

It LOOKS fun to play. Or at least I'm hoping it is.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sage's Calendar of Awesome: October

Last month I'll be putting up before I give it a break. Fortunately I'm wrapping this up prior to SDCC, since it's doubtful I'll be able tot think of much else once that comes out.

October 4th - Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection 2

Starting with card game stuff. As with the last two months, skip if you're not a fan.

The last Legendary Collection was nostalgia porn. Not much more. The god cards weren't playable and the booster packs came from the beginning of the game back when cards had flavor text instead of effects.

THIS Collection is from the GX era. Lightsworns, Gladiator Beasts, and a host of other archetypes can be found there. In addition to no shortage of great tech cards which have become much more difficult to find over time. With 13 rares and five nine-card booster packs all guaranteed, I look forward to buying three of these at the least. Crossing fingers for certain cards.

Fall Anime

Unfortunately, this summer has been almost completely dry of any worthy anime. Fortunately, the fall season is bringing back my fix in a big way, with at least five series that I want to check out. I would talk more about them, but there's no real chart this far away from October, so we'll have to wait on that for now.


I always liked Huntress, even though she's never had an ongoing comic of her own to my knowledge. In October writer Paul Levitz comes to the character to give her her first story in the relaunched DC Universe, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Like many of the other characters in the DCU, I doubt much has changed, if anything, though, so to me it's less a chance to complain about continuity and more a chance to read another tale about a cool DCU hero.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes S2

No, that's not the Avengers. It's the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's why Earth's Mightiest Heroes might be my favorite cartoon from DC/Marvel in ages. The first season was incredibly classic Marvel, while this second season is effortlessly weaving in some of Marvel's newer stories and ideas, showing fans the giant canvas that is the Marvel Universe. It's fantastic, it's amazing, and all those other adjectives Lee put at the front of his comics when he wrote them. And it's back in October. Finally.

October 18th - Batman - Year One

The next movie coming out from the group making DC animated movies. This is a classic story that reinvented Batman in such a way that stories thirty years later are still strongly influenced by it, so it fits having it become a film. (Plus with the Dark Knight Rises coming out next year, it's time to hype everyone again for this film.)

Check the trailer below:

I'm more excited for whatever movie comes out after the next JLA movie, but whatever. This should be pretty good.

October 18th - Batman: Arkham City

I'll admit that Arkham Asylum has been better than what I expected, after watching a friend play it. However, I will also say that in a game where you can explore part of a city, someone should at least give you a Batmobile. Still, as they introduce more of Batman's allies, I come closer to forgiving them. Between Robin and this...

They've just about got it. Now if Nightwing found his way into main gameplay, I'd have to buy it just on principle...

October 26th - Legion: Secret Origin

Another mini-series launching from DC, this time about the Legion of Super-Heroes. From what I hear, this mini-series will be a more in-depth look at the 30th century the way it was before the team was formed. Hopefully we'll get to see more of how things worked before the superheroes/supervillains suddenly popped up. Anyway, both Legion of Super-Heroes/Adventure Comics have been solid comics since Paul Levitz took over. I doubt anything will change there come September/October, so this is a buy already.

Hm. I think that's it for this month. Seems light, but with everything from the previous month continuing in this one it's still very busy, all things considered.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's that time of the year again...

Where I get not much sleep and spend four straight days talking about comic books and any possible movies that I'm looking forward to.

San Diego Comic Con! I wanted to go this year, but it did not work out as such. Ah well. The internet will keep me informed, and I'll take what matters and put it up here, as usual. In the meantime...yes, Power Marigold is incredibly cute. Enjoy it.

Sage's Calendar of Awesome: September

Jeez. This month is busy. Fortunately I’ll have been in school long enough to have a decent pattern set in, ‘cause otherwise I know I wouldn’t get ANY work done.

September (hopefully 1st) – Young Justice S1

This series got about nine episodes out before it hit a wall and stopped airing new episodes. My friends have been asking about it since then, but all I could tell them was I had no clue when there would be any new episodes. Everyone’s best guess now is that Young Justice will appear back on Cartoon Network’s Friday schedule sometime in September, though. (Mind you, this isn't confirmed by anyone--we're all just guessing.) Better yet, with all the episodes completed and Season 2 already greenlit, in production and confirmed to appear on the new DC Nation block in March 2012, there shouldn’t be too many more breaks after the series comes back on the air.

That’s good to hear too, because YJ’s long-form storytelling REALLY needs to start paying off in some manner, since the writing crew took the “teenagers are dicks” route when writing this series.

September 2nd - mc chris – Race Wars

I haven’t hardcore listened a new mc chris album in years (since dungeon master of ceremonies), but I’m still a big fan of the guy’s music. I’m not sure why the album is entitled Race Wars, but knowing mc chris it’s probably humans vs. zombies or something equally insane.

September 4th – Kamen Rider Fourze

That’s a stupid title, and this is the poorest-designed Kamen Rider yet, but I’m hugely excited for this series. With a Rider that doesn’t look like a puss again (where’s Hidari Shoutarou when you need him…), and Koichi Sakamoto behind the direction for this series, I have hope this could be pretty good.

From what I’ve read, Fourze is set in a high-school, a setting Kamen Rider has never tried before for its main character, but one I’ve wanted to see ever since Kamen Rider Decade had its’ Faiz tribute episodes. By the way, a bit of extra info for anime fans: the creator of Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann will be the head writer for this series. That doesn’t inspire me with that much hope, but the story concept and the characters have me excited enough.

September 6th – Heroes of Might and Magic VI

When I first saw the trailer for this, I couldn’t believe how beautifully rendered the in-game scenes were. I don’t like PC games normally, but I’m hyped to play this particular one. I love fantasy games (when it’s not dark fantasy), and I’m a sucker for tactical RPGs. I have no idea what the HM&M universe is like, but I’m eager to find out.

September 7th – DCU relaunch

I talked about this in the August entry. The DC Universe is relaunching every comic book they have come September, and I’m looking forward to over half their line. (I’ll wrap up the last of that in the next week or so.) I’m going to try and get at least 20 of those comics, and hopefully get some of my friends into comics in the process.

Childish Gambino LP

All I know about this is that Donald Glover’s been working on it since before the EP came out, and has more than a couple tracks together already. I’ve seen several places claim this as the month in which the album drops, and I’m sure it’ll be a banger, so long as CG doesn’t let any guests hop on tracks. (Unless it’s Adele; Do Ya Like is one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in years.)

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2

Are you still a geek if you didn’t see last season of this? You can’t be. Doctor Who under its’ new show runner, Stephen Moffat, gets better every episode. Employing long-form storytelling without most viewers even realizing it, Moffat has been telling one long story almost ever since he started writing Dr. Who (even during RTD’s time as show runner), weaving in tons of new concepts, different characters, and a new interpretation of the Doctor.

A Good Man Goes to War was probably one of the best things to come on television this year, and from the title of the next episode (Let’s Kill Hitler), it doesn’t look like Moffat’s going to allow our attentions to waver even slightly upon the comeback. And that’s great, because other than Eureka and Torchwood, this is probably the only good science fiction on television right now.

September 20th – Generation Force: Special Edition

More card stuff. Feel free to skip if you don’t play. This is the next set of Yu-Gi-Oh—the first one to come out since Extreme Victory was released earlier this summer. Actually, it’s the special edition, which is released as a box with three booster packs and a reprint of some Super Rare card. Having checked this set out, there really isn’t much to it that I want other than a card or too, so I’ll be waiting on this release (a month after Generation Force actually comes out) before I actually buy anything from it.

Even then, it’s possible I’ll save my money and only buy the cards I need from the set and get the super rare promos online if they’re useful. Spending $60 on a set that’s full of cards I don’t really want to play doesn’t appeal to me.

September 22nd – Community Season 3

I’ve gotten ALL of my friends into this series (excepting the one that got ME into it), and rightfully so. Community is probably one of the smartly written series on television. With a series creator who visits TV Tropes religiously just to see what else he can subvert, avert, or invoke in a hilarious manner, and a team of writers that treat every episode like a pilot rather than sticking to a formula, Community deserves every the fans it can get.

After the sick (and slightly shocking) finale from Season 2, I’m definitely curious to see just where the characters are going next in their third year at Greendale High…I mean Community College.

That's a wrap for September. I'm working on October tomorrow, but I probably won't do November and December until either after SDCC (if I learn about enough stuff), or after Comiket and the Tokyo Game Show. I'd bet on the latter, though, since I want to get more than just Western releases on the list.

Sage's Calendar of Awesome: August

Blah. I'm a little late with this, and I apologize. Yesterday was a little more busy than I would've liked, so I'll probably be back here with September's today as well. Once SDCC gets started I'll most likely end up talking about all the stuff coming out of that. (Which I admit will be quite a bit of stuff on this list.) Anyhow, let's get started.

August 10th - SCANDAL - Baby Action

I became a pretty big fan of this group when I heard the ending they did for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Shunkan Sentimental. They have a pretty hardcore sound to do so many concerts dressed in high school girl outfits, but I can't hate on someone's swag when they make good music. (See: Childish Gambino.)

August 30th: Yu-Gi-Oh 2011 Collector's Tins

Another Yu-Gi-Oh thing. Feel free to skip if you're not a fan. Normally I'm not that big on tins. I only bought one copy of the 2011 tin earlier this year just to get the and take a shot at getting a good pull from the one Duelist Revolution pack they put in.

This time the packs are actually secondary to the promo cards. The cover cards are slightly worseless, but both tins come with a copy of the only splashable draw card in the game (that's legal), Pot of Duality. A card so useful on the competitive scene that it rose to somewhere around $170 on eBay for a single copy. I can't actually promise it will drop enough to be worth buying by itself, so I'll be buying about six of these tins, to start.

There are other promos in the tin, but since I don't care about E-HEROES and have yet to find a really cool Fairy archetype to use, they're not that big of a deal to me.

August 31st - Flashpoint 5

One of only two DC comics shipping that week, Flashpoint 5 is hopefully going to be the most important superhero comic to come out for decades to come. The finale of Flash's giant event story in which he (hopefully) kicks Professor Zoom's sorry butt, Flashpoint will see Barry Allen finally set his wrecked universe right.

...Sort of. Apparently it will be impossible to completely fix, and as a result we'll be getting a slightly altered universe in September, reflected in reality by a complete relaunch of the entire DC Universe.

Even though my excitement over this project has cooled somewhat, this is still something I'm immensely hyped about. I hope the entire thing sells like gangbusters, both in-stores and online.

This month is rather light, but that's because September and October are PACKED with so much crap I'm not entirely sure there will be enough time to enjoy it all.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gaming Coast to Coast

Okay, bear with me on this one folks, as I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to make this one work.

This year, I watched two different games come out. Both were fighters. Both were multi-platform. But one was published by a Japanese company, and the other by an American one.

It's obvious what I'm talking about: Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Warner Brothers' Mortal Kombat. Before I begin, I need to say this: My opinion on these two games couldn't BE more opposite. I jumped for joy when I learned of the new MvC. I shrugged my shoulders at MK. I awaited MvC3 with baited breath. I would forget the new Mortal Kombat existed. And to be honest, even now I'm STILL annoyed that my friends were more excited for MK than they were MvC. Bottom line, I'm a fan of Marvel vs. Capcom as a franchise. Mortal Kombat was just a joke. And yet, somehow, Warner Brothers created a far superior game in Mortal Kombat.

I feel I cannot understate this: I still won't play MK. I have no interest in it's universe. And MvC is still a brilliant concept. That doesn't stop the one I WON'T play from being better.

The approach to the way each game was created is emblematic of the differences between the way Western and Eastern games are created.

With Marvel vs. Capcom 3, what we're basically given is an arcade game on a console. There's no story. There's not much in the way of extras, only a handful of unlockables, and the main play value outside the game is in a mode that essentially...teaches you how to combo attack better. Even the endings aren't that much different from the ones we saw back in the day on an SNES Capcom game.

Mortal Kombat approaches things in a fairly different manner. Mortal Kombat creates a long, engaging storyline that gives you a reason to care about the characters you're playing with, even going so far as allowing you a chance to play with many of the huge list of characters in the game. The unlockables belong on a list a mile long, with my friends still not getting most of them, despite playing the game for three months or so now. And there are several alternate modes to spice up the gameplay, from the challenge tower to the slot machine that hands out stat bonuses/ailments.

MK is how games should be made going forward into the 21st century, while Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is how they've been made since there *was* a console. Even DLC, which should be offering new and different characters/stages to increase the replay value shows two different approaches to how one makes a fighting game. Mortal Kombat, so far, has gradually offered four different characters from different eras of MK, including at least one brand-new character.

Meanwhile, if the rumor is true, Capcom will be releasing "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3"--a different version of the original with 16 new characters that's essentially a reason to bleed fans pockets of probably another $40. Brilliant.

This is why people claim Western developers are superior. Capcom's stuck in the days where they offered us five versions of the same game with minor tweaks here and there, while Warner Brothers is actually pushing the envelope.

And I don't want Japanese developers to create their own Mortal Kombat. That's boring. I saw (and had a friend point out) Arcana Heart 3--it looks like an incredibly fun video game with tons of replay value that's actually on the PSN. But I'd never heard of it before I hopped on PSN, and most people never will. The games that should be at the forefront get shoved off into a corner and we're fed the same old same old.

And I'm sure some people will tell you MvC3 is for "hardcore" fighting fans, but those fifty dudes can't support games on their own. Stop being hipsters and embrace the fact that improvements can be made. It's time out for this barebones approach.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sage's Calendar of Awesome: July

So it's the middle of July, and we're smack in the middle of summer. It's hot as crap outside, and being a gamer, I'm allergic to the sun. This is good for my faithful readers (I assume I have visitor counter keeps ticking up, and it's not just me), because it means I get to bring you the awesome.

Much like the calendar I did a couple years ago, I'm going to let everyone have a look at some of the awesome ish coming down the pipe over the next couple of months. I've compiled an immense list of shit covering the entire spectra of interests I have, from Video Games and Anime to television series and card games. (Yes, card games. Suck it up.)

Because the list IS so massive, I'll be splitting things up by the month, with a new post every day this weekend so I can get them all done before SDCC comes and punishes me with a billion things to talk about. All that said, let's get started with July, okay?

Sage's Calendar of Awesome

July 7th - Detective Conan: ~ Kudo Shinichi e no Chousenjou ~

I loved watching Case Closed (or Detective Conan) for the brief four or five months Adult Swim aired it. Still, the fact that the cases were being solved by a child and the lengths they went through to make that even slightly believable brought a formulaic approach to the series that brought enjoyment of it way down.

Fortunately, the J-Drama specials (and this series) are prequels that deal with Shinichi Kudo's time as an adult. If there's one thing Great Teacher Onizuka taught me, it's that the longer runtimes and shorter episode counts can often make an anime concept much stronger.

I've yet to find hardsubs of this series, so I'll probably end up encoding the softsubs myself. Yaaay.

July 8th - Torchwood: Miracle Day

Oh man, who DIDN'T love Children of Earth? I'll admit, I'm not the biggest RTD fan, but I love John Barrowman/Captain Jack and the Torchwood crew. (Basically meaning I like Gwen since Torchwood life expectancy is...non-existent.) Even though the series has migrated across shores to America and was taken in by STARZ, it still looks great and I'm super excited. Check the trailer below:

July 8th - Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro

Supposedly this J-Drama is going to reflect old-school RPG gaming. The basic concept is described as the following:

The story is set in an ancient time, when the whole country was covered in thick forests. A mysterious plague breaks out, resulting in countless deaths. A pure young man named Yoshihiko becomes chosen as a hero, and he sets out on a journey in order to save a village. He has two goals – to bring back the legendary plant that can cure the plague, and to rescue his father Teruhiko who left to find the plant but never returned.

It's rare to see an action series come out of Japan that doesn't involve Super Sentai/Kamen Rider, so I want to check this out. Hopefully it'll be as interesting as it sounds.

July 19th - Kirby Krackle - Super Powered Love

Soooo hyped for this album. Ring Capacity, On and On, and Take It From Me are some of my favorite songs ever. And with the new single, Super-Powered Love (yes same title as the album), I have yet another one of their tracks added to that list. The album drops 7/19, and unlike most, I'll actually be paying for this one.

July 24th - Entourage Season 8

In case you haven't seen it:

One of my favorite television series of all time comes to an end this fall. I'm pretty sad the last season's only eight episodes, but I guess they're bringing things full circle in terms of season length.

From the trailer things look just as fun as usual, and I'm excited to hop back into this universe for the last time.

July 26th - Hidden Arsenal: Special Edition

I got back into Yu-Gi-Oh a while ago after I met a group of people that still play. I used to be a big fan of the anime, but without partners there was little point to buying cards.

That's changed, but I've got seven years of cards to catch up on. So, reprints help. This particular reprint set will hopefully give me access to a crapload of synchro cards that cost far too much to buy singularly.

For those who are into the game, a quick reminder of the cards we'll be seeing again in the Special Edition, which covers HA 1-3: Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Ally of Justice - Catastor, Mist Wurm, Naturia Beast, Gungnir Dragon of the Ice Barrier, and Naturia Barkion. All staple cards for any deck capable of running them. Also, for anyone looking for specific archetypes, there are Naturias, Dragunities, Mist Valley, Fableds, X-Sabers, Jurracs, and (my favorite) Ice Barriers.

Yeah I realize it's goofy to spend this much on cards...simultaneously, I don't care. This game's all kinds of fun.

July 29th - Thundercats

The trailer for this series was awesome. I was never a big fan of Thundercats as a kid (I'm a Transformers boy...but I've given up on that until the Bayformers look finally goes away), but with this re-imagining, it looks like something special is being created. The animation looks great (by Japanese animating company Studio 4°C), and the story sounds like a new epic fantasy done with the Thundercats characters. There's nothing to dislike about any of that.

Now, if I'm not mistaken that's that for month one. If all goes well you should see August a little later this evening.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The best geek rock band ever is back! :D

My love affair with Kirby Krackle was only brief because they didn't have a large enough library when I learned about them. But their new album, Super Powered Love, seems to be correcting that. The new eponymous single, about a guy in love with a female superhero, is incredibly catchy and I cannot get it out of my head.

These guys have this incredible ability to bring the fantastic into reality, rather than bringing reality into the fantastic, and I love them for it.

The new album drops 7/19. I NEVER buy albums, but for these guys I don't think I can help myself. Check the single below:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lack of Summer 2011 Anime Picks

So, there's no chart up for the first time in ages. Well, here's the chart for the season:

The reason I was in no hurry to post this was, quite simply, there's NOTHING on it for me. I'll be looking at Blade, but X-Men was the only Marvel Anime I cared about after Iron Man became crap.

Baka to Test II is the only series I REALLY want to watch. And that's it. Meh. I'm watching more drama than I am anime this season. Amazing.

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue

Legend of Heroes is apparently a very long game series. So long, in fact, that Japan is on it's SECOND trilogy (and second game in said trilogy) for the PSP. Check the trailer:

Looks awesome. Though the first game of the first trilogy seemed far less technologically advanced, so I'm guessing the timeline progresses as well, or I'm mistaken about the initial game.

Anyway, this would be game 5, so I wouldn't expect it for some time. It's not even coming out in Japan until late September.

Tri-Ace clearly likes cash, uh I mean "Monster Hunter"

So much so they made their own MH game.

It's called Frontier Gate. It looks fairly interesting, so I'll withhold any judgments until I've actually played it.

Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One is the reason Batman walks the line between being cool and REALLY boring, but supposedly it was a good story (didn't read it), so getting a movie of it shouldn't be too terrible. Let's check out the trailer.

That was...pretty generic, actually. But whatever. I'm still interested.

Crazy 8's: Entourage Final Season Trailer

Looks amazing, as usual. I know a lot of people hate on this show...but I've been a fan since season 2 and I'm not going to change my mind now. Not after how mindblowing S7 was.

More trailers coming in just a bit.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Song of the Week: Z-Trip: Breakfast Club

Little explicit in the lyrics, but for cereal fans and cartoon fans? Perfect song.

I, love to eat cereal...when I'm watching my cartoons...