5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Star-crossed"

1.) Everyone the main story centered around this week frustrated the hell out of me.  Kara's whole conflict with Mon-El was centered around him lying to her about being the prince of Daxam (something that was obvious ages ago), but the only reason she found out is because she didn't respect his wishes to stay behind in the first place.   They made such a big deal out of respecting one another's choices in the episode with Mr. Mxyzptlk, and yet for some reason here they just tossed that all aside because...?   Do the rules change because the show's not called "Mon-El"?   

2.) Having said that, hearing how horrible Daxam is makes you realize...Mon-El's actually kind of a bad person.  Not for participating in a system he didn't realize was terrible until he saw other societies, but for believing his parents weren't going to change and were still going to be the same awful rulers of Daxam they were originally...and yet he didn't even make the attempt to change it.  They didn't even have a discussion on the potential futility of an attempt, so it's not like they explored the avenue and then explained why he chose to stay behind.   Nope, just "I'd rather be with Kara, fuck the other Daxamites, let me go back to Earth."

At this point, Mon barely even deserves to be a Legionnaire.  The only way he ever could is if he actually went through with the Post-Zero Hour origin of him being the person responsible for seeding the various worlds of the future with their populations and thus creating what would eventually be the 30th century United Planets.   Unfortunately, I suspect what's really going to happen is the much more boring thing: he gets lead poisoning and chills out in the Phantom Zone for a millenium.

3.)  Someone get Guardian a better suit.  He's still throwing down with regular humans and somehow just barely coming out on top.   Are the humans of Earth-38 just made of a more dense material?  Because otherwise I can't explain how he's hitting them full force in the head with this metal shield and no one's ever just knocked flat out.   By now half of the criminal element in National City should have skull fractures.

4.) The Lyra/Winn thing started out frustrating enough.  Winn was an overly trusting sap, and Lyra got off scot-free despite nearly getting her boyfriend in major trouble and not even attempting to save him despite claiming that she cared so much for him.  It made sense in the end, as she was at least trying to save her brother, but....I have a question: who did the paperwork for Mandrax and sent him to jail?  Because Maggie's partner was super excited about catching Winn, and yet....I'm fairly certain once they let him go and caught the real crooks it just ended up being a DEO bust.  Only...the DEO is totally secret and no one's supposed to know it exists, so it begs the question: how did they explain to the National City PD what happened to the painting?

5.) This whole thing led into a crossover, but...I'm not sure I'm excited.  Normally I love musicals, and I love that they foreshadowed it at the beginning of the episode...but I'm not sure how well they fit into Supergirl/Flash's universe?   I'm kinda nervous, but I suppose I'll find out soon enough.


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