5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Homecoming"

1.) This episode doesn't give enough time to the scariest villain Supergirl's ever faced: the HR department.  When Mon-El comedically finds himself incapable of keeping himself from telling the rest of the D.E.O. that he and Kara are dating, J'onn sentences them both to an eternity in HR filling out forms "in triplicate" and attending sexual harassment classes.  What a frightening waste of a day--fortunately the threat of the week distracted everyone!

2.) Speaking of Kara/Mon, they're off to a fairly rocky start.  They've already "broken up" once, and this episode got into the kind of argument that can outright end relationships--when you get into the area of pointing out negative aspects about someone who's been in that person's life longer than you, you're getting into trouble.  Ugh. Alex and Maggie have had enough tumultousness, can't we have one happy couple?

3.)  Wait wait, we got Winn and his alien lady friend Lyra, who I didn't even think we'd see again.  That works as a properly functioning couple, even if Winn always looks like he's one awkward bit of dialogue away from fucking it up with her.

4.) Dean Cain's character revealing himself to be in league with Cadmus was unfortunate, if expected.  Given he didn't seriously injure anyone, I'm assuming he's aligned with them for a reason--a reason that he couldn't just tell J'onn, Alex, or Kara because we're on the CW so the drama has to always be amped as high as possible at every semi-reasonable time.  Having said that, I can only imagine this has done horrible things to Alex, who's wanted her dad back for the better part of fifteen years.   They should seriously get into the idea of her just killing Mama Luthor--she's captured her sister, turned her father against her--that's not the kind of thing you can just write off with Alex simply throwing her in jail.    It's not necessary that Alex actually kill her, but if we don't at least flirt with the idea for a bit it's a bit of a waste.

5.) There's a neat little touch at the end of the episode where Kara's lying on the couch alone and depressed because her father's turned against her when Mon-El comes over, and the door's just unlocked.   It's a small thing, but it's kind of cool that even when she's at her most vulnerable she never really thinks to lock a door.  Why would she?   There's literally nothing anybody in National City can do to her in the first place.

It's clear we're amping up towards a big show down with Cadmus for the end of the season, but that really only makes me hope that Cadmus can gradually be reformed for Season 3--I'd love to have a Superboy on this series.


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