5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Exodus"

1.) This week's episode opened with some Cadmus members kidnapping a family of aliens singing to Bruno Mars' 24K Magic.  If there was ever a situation in which a person should've taken a moment to realize they took a wrong turn in life somewhere, it had to be when that one Cadmus member was chasing a terrified young girl through a forest.  Seriously, if your behavior lines up with that of a pedophile in a thriller movie, it's probably time to re-evaluate.

That was pretty much the trend all over this episode, as Cadmus repeatedly attacked aliens who were just going about day to day life.  It got down to an outright parody of the travel ban near the end when they started talking about deporting the aliens to Takron Galtos--which, for those who aren't uber-geeks, is a prison planet.

2.) Kara's excuses for how she pops up at places as Supergirl she could have only known about because she's Kara are getting flimsier and flimsier.  This episode she saves Lena from certain death falling out of L Corp tower, and claims she knew what was happening because she and Kara were "getting coffee" when she overheard Kara and Lena's phone call.  This is one of those cases where someone told an elaborate lie when a simple one would have done the trick.  

"How did you know where I was?" can always be countered by "Oh, I was patrolling the city.", y'know?

3.)  Alex was put through the ringer this episode, as her zeal to save her father caused her to beat the hell out of an interrogation suspect (which actually felt quite satisfying), and try and catch Cadmus on her own after being suspended.  For the record, though J'onn's methods were grossly invasive, the conclusion he came to at the end of them made perfect sense.  Alex's actions later on proved she wasn't thinking straight, going so far as to risk suicide in order to save her father and the aliens. 

Still, I'm glad they followed up on the emotional turmoil she should be feeling.  She spent half her life searching for her father only for him to be kidnapped and turned against her--she had to be pissed or the story has no emotional resonance.

4.) On the flipside, nothing about what Kara did this episode with respect to being a reporter was right.  She finally lost her job this episode and I was pretty satisfied with that.  From the moment she was given this reporter position she's flouted the rules and regulations of actually being a reporter--this time going so far as to disobey her superior and use CatCo resources to publish an article on competing social media.  This very behavior is why Snapper Carr never wanted her in his office in the first place--she never attended school for journalism, she was just "given" the position by Cat Grant.   And yeah, she's been doing all of it in the name of justice--but the way she's been going about some of this is borderline duplicitous and I'm happy to see it finally come to an end.

I am doubtless Kara can find a job she doesn't suck at so horribly.

5.)  There's literally no reason for Jeremiah to still be alive, unless he's going to make some sort of super alien bomb to kill anyone with alien DNA on Earth.  He defied Lena as openly as possible and actively worked against her--there's no reason to keep him alive unless they're just scared to pull the trigger.   Admittedly, I don't want Dean Cain dead either but I'd also like them to stop relying so heavily on him being captured so Alex can have something to get moody over.

Next episode?   Daxamites!  Now despite them claiming that Mon-El isn't anywhere near Kara's level of strength, how come I have a strong feeling she's going to get knocked about by several Daxamite bad guys next week? 


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