5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Distant Sun"

1.) It's not that there's too many relationships on Supergirl, it's that somehow the show has become about nothing other than the romances since the Valentine's Day ep a month or so ago.  Everything has to be either big, bombastic declarations of love or these quiet, tear-filled moments where they whisper how important and how much another person means to them.  And I'm a sucker for a good relationship, but not when those relationships are threatened or potentially imploding at every second.  At that point, maybe the universe is telling you something?

And with that in mind, it frustrated me to watch Mon-El and Kara go through the motions of almost, maybe breaking up again, even if this time was due to the machinations of one Teri Hatcher.

2.)  I like that even though Kara has absolutely settled into her role as the protector of National City, she's still prone to making mistakes.  This episode we learn that a bounty has been placed on her head by Mon-El's mother, and it takes the words of nearly every important character on the show to tell her to chill out and stay out of sight.  Not because she can't handle it, but because with so many people attempting to kill her she's actively putting the city at danger by going out and doing her job.  

Still, she resists because she's Supergirl, the Maid of Might....aaand because she's too young to know that discretion is the better part of valor right now.

3.) I thought we saw an important milestone in Maggie and Alex's relationship this week--with us learning about more of Maggie's past and perhaps figuring out why she's so closed off.  Having said that...the whole subplot with Maggie's ex was weird.  Finding out that Maggie isn't the perfect girlfriend and that she's had commitment issues big enough to cheat on a former girlfriend was a neat little tidbit that developed the character further, but having Alex suggest that the two of them have DINNER with her ex?   Being a third wheel is bad enough, but who on Earth wants to be the third wheel with their ex-lover?   It wasn't mean that the two of them were stood up, it was common sense.

4.) Mon-El's mother reveals herself to be the ultimate villain when she kills Hercules, King of Daxam because her husband was "too soft" and wouldn'tl simply drag their son back a miserable wreck.  One thing you have to give Supergirl is just how willing they are to create legitimately evil lady villains.  From Lex Luthor's mom to Roulette and now Rhea--they've all been viable threats to Supergirl, and as of yet not one of them has been evil because "a man made me do it", but rather their own actions and agency push them to despicable acts that Kara then has to find a way to stop.  Very cool.

5.) The end of the episode has the "shocking" reveal that the President of the United States (played by the always amazing Lynda Carter) is actually a White Martian!  We knew from her original appearance she was an alien, but if I'm not mistaken it's not until this episode that we learned what kind of alien she was.  There's still a lot of this story to tell--for now, we only know our President was pissed off at J'onn for planning and executing an attack on the Daxamite forces.   She might be on the up and up like M'gann, but I've got a feeling M'gann is a one of a kind.

Of course, I'm just kinda bummed she's an alien at all.  After Kara hinted that Batman existed on Earth-38, I was hoping this was a world where the Trinity all existed and thrived.  And with that in mind, I was hoping the President could be Hippolyta in reality, making it more easier for extra-normal people like her daughter to be accepted in this world.  Ah well, you can't win them all.


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