5 Thoughts About Flash: "Into The Speed Force"

1.) Goldtooth?  C'mon Cisco.   I will say, the psuedo-science this episode was a bit much.  The Speed Force is an all-encompassing energy force that simultaneously exists across the multiverse and you're able to build a device that can not only detect Barry's vitals while inside it, but pull him out of the ether if things get too dicey?

People have been wondering for the past few months exactly how S.T.A.R. Labs is kept open and the answer is clearly because Cisco is a genius-level intellect who created something revolutionary but so simple it's borderline ubiquitous, and that's making them more than enough money to keep the lights on.

2.) Last week I said I'd like Jessie to have an integral role in saving Wally.   She absolutely didn't, which was a shame, but ultimately I would have settled for her helping to take Savitar down once and for all.   She didn't do that either (though she kind of helped, apparently), but she did contribute!  More on that later, but it was kind of frustrating seeing Jessie try to take on Savitar where literally everyone else had failed.  I get that she "had" to try, but honestly I was a little frustrated she dodged the beatdown that Barry and Wally both managed to get from going head to head with Savitar while she failed to have a plan.

And at the end, she decides to go to Earth 3?   It makes sense in theory--Earth 3 needing a Flash, and all that--but what the heck?   Earth 2 doesn't need any heroes?  You were fine leaving it to go live with your boyfriend, but apparently now you have to go to another Earth?  Can they just not lock her into a contract?

3.)  The Speed Force is kinda....weird, now.  I was mad enough that it was sentient at all, but this time around it revealed its sentience to be all jerk-y.   For what its worth, I get that it was hostile towards Barry for abusing his powers to alter the timestream.  But what I don't get is this idea that someone always has to be trapped in the Speed Force...and worse yet, they have to always be stuck looking at their lowest and/or most painful moments. 

What does any of that have to do with the Speed Force?  I get that going in and out of it needs to be difficult, but I don't understand why it would ever have a jail cell that needs to always have someone in it.   That just feels like something the writers thought up to have somewhere to throw Savitar when all this is said and done. 

4.) I am so done with Barry/Iris drama.  "Oh, I can't marry you if you only want to marry me because you're scared I'll die."   "Oh, I only tried to marry you because I wanted to change the future."  This the cost of doing business on CW...there's literally no relationship drama left to the series, so they had to create some because it's apparently a requisite for your show to continue airing.

5.) This week's episode ends with the group discussing how they know now that Savitar can be injured, after Jessie's ill-advised battle with him leaves Savitar with a stab wound on his shoulder.  It's a bit weird, because I'm not sure why anyone thought Savitar was impossible to injure in the first place, but also because I think they were implying the only way to injure him is through his own armor's weapons?   Hopefully not, though I suppose it doesn't matter if you're only going to chuck him into the Speed Force anyway once everything's said and done. 


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