The Original Digidestined Return

I honestly didn't know how much I wanted this. Seriously, I had the biggest, goofiest kid grin on my face the whole time the trailer played.

I was personally always of the school that Digimon was the cooler series over Pokemon. Yeah, Pokemon had the better game and the better card game, but Digimon had the far superior anime.   They started off with a group of kids trapped in a strange world, forced to survive on their own--the only thing they had were each other...and these creatures they came across that grew into their closest friends over the course of the series.  You grew attached not only to the children but the Digimon as well, as they were treated as more than baseball card animals. 

The first Digimon series is one of the first anime series I ever watched, hear it's getting a sequel literally brought chills up my spine.  Alongside DBZ it's responsible for hundreds of thousands of kids getting into anime, as just about any anime fan near the age of 20 knows who Myotismon or Greymon is. And while I was already a full-fledged convert by the time this aired, the original is still pretty near to my heart. 

While the other series tried, they just never caught on quite like this one did, not in general or to me personally.  (Xros Wars gave it a good shot, though!)  Watching this trailer, I'm sincerely hoping Toei does 100% on the show and brings it stateside, though I can't imagine where they'd show it.   At this point I'm guessing Toonami, but that would be incredibly surreal given the show's history.

Either way, the show airs this coming Spring so I'll be following it rather closely.
Lastly?   TaixSora all the way, folks. 


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