Battle Rap Wednesdays: Jaz da Rapper vs. 40 B.A.R.R.S.

What's the definition of a body?  Allow me to show you...

Outside of that crazy-ass scheme by Hitman Holla, this is what a fucking body is.  Not Lux vs. Cal.  Not Lux vs. Mook.  Hell, not even Hollow vs. Joe Budden.  A body is when your opponent barely even bothers to show up, and you still beat go full one hundred percent and bar their life away, just because.   This battle is 38 minutes long--the first three minutes is intro BS, and the remaining 35 minutes is Jaz going in almost flawlessly, with her only stops being because of overwhelming crowd reaction.   Meanwhile 40 stumbles and chokes her way through short-ass rounds that in total add up to right around ten minutes, filled with tons of over the head bars and ones that belong in Charlie Clips' Reach Files Vol. 2.

I think Jaz stays a virgin as part of a pact with Earl to make every chick she battles choke, lol.  And that power is clearly getting stronger because at first it was just one round, now it's two.  If it gets to three I wouldn't be mad if other women refused to battle her just to save their names. 


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