Battle Rap Wednesdays - Bigg K vs. Danny Myers

You hate to see a favorite lose.

But, it's gotta happen eventually--see Lux vs. Mook.  This is a great battle, but Bigg K took it solid with a strong first and third.  Danny started off decent in the first, had a crazy second, then a third that had a great angle without enough bars to support it.  Either way, this is one of several great battles from BOLA 5--it's great to see at least one league killing it with consistently good to amazing events. 

Bigg K's been on a streak of good battles recently, and he's got B Magic in October, while my dude Danny Myers has JC next month at Go-Rilla Warfare's "Blueprint" event.  JC's been on a mediocre/losing streak, so with my luck this will be the battle that he destroys his opponent, because I haven't been right about shit the last few months battle wise.   I'm still going to say Myers 3-0, though--against JC and AyeVerb.  (I'm positive I'll be wrong about at least one of these.)


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