Battle Rap Wednesday: Charlie Clips vs. Daylyt

One of the best battles to come out of Battle of LA 5, I'm glad this was the second one chosen to get put up.  (For obvious reasons, it couldn't be the first.)

 Calling this in Clips favor, 2-1.   Or if you want me to be honest (because this is my site and I say what I want), 3-0.   You gotta know when to end your rounds, and for this battle Day basically went on too long in the first and third, and Clips' 2nd was untouchable.  For Clips having overall stronger rounds that started strong and ended well, I have to say he edged all three rounds.  Dude's on a killing streak.  I hope O-Red doesn't come along and fuck that up.  (Lol, newsflash: He didn't.  You'll see in a few weeks.)


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