7 Thoughts About Kyuranger Episode 16: "Stinger's Reunion with his Brother"

Whatever bad thoughts I had about last episode, I take them back.  They were setting up for this amazingness and it's all been worth it.

1.)  We kick things off with a tense showdown of Champ and Stinger against Scorpio, in which Scorpio quickly betrays Madaako and pierces her heart with his deadly poison, killing her again.  For a brief moment you want to believe that maybe Scorpio isn't really evil, and all the thoughts of him being an Itachi or someone who would swap sides start to surface. 

You also feel sorry for Madaako, who's technically been used as fodder twice now.  But in both cases these feelings are eased, because...

2.) The show quickly reminds you that if Scorpio is really heartless, then killing Madaako doesn't prove anything.  She'll just come back again, and indeed not even a few minutes later we see the subservient Madaako replaced with...slutty Madaako?  I'm honestly not sure this time, but she definitely behaves more seductively than she was in her first two incarnations. 

I'm still really hoping one of her reincarnations is just genuinely against what Jark Matter's doing, because right now she's quite the pitiable character.

3.) Scorpio asks Stinger to meet him later in a location where they can't be spied on, and both he and Champ arrive.  At this point, Scorpio claims that he joined Jark Matter in order to climb through the ranks and finally kill Don Armage and save the galaxy, but didn't realize that in joining he would have to slaughter his own people.   At this point you're probably left on edge because that sounds a tad unbelievable, but then something else happens that grabs your attention: Scorpio reveals that he murdered Professor Anton because he was a former member of Jark Matter who betrayed the organization.

And to be honest, if nothing else, I believe that.  And I wonder how Champ will handle it later on in the series if and when it's proven true?  That, much like Stinger, his only family was once on the side of evil?

4.) Kyu Globe Update: The Bootes Kyu Globe, which summons an ox driver who promptly whips you into shape, giving you a brief power boost.  This is utterly ridiculous, but surprisingly useful!  ...And also something I'd be willing to bet you don't see when this series comes to the states for the Power Rangers.

5.)  Things went from 0 to 100 real quick this episode.  Scorpio eventually reveals that he's lying--he's not trying to save the universe.  Stinger was right all along when he talked to Kotaro and said that his brother gave into the thirst for power, because that's exactly what happened.  Scorpio's desire for power has consumed him, and he wants Don Armage dead so he can claim hold over Jark Matter.

Completely broken, this information causes Stinger to give up on life itself.  Even though it was obvious to everyone from the start, he admits that he'd never truly given up on his brother not having betrayed him...and now seeing that he had, he asks Scorpio to finish him, since he has nothing left.  Aaaand that's when Champ steps in as a total boss and tanks the hit that liquefied the poor sap Scorpio hit with it a few weeks ago. 

This was so good.  Because these two started out disliking each other--Stinger was basically ashamed at his brother's actions and couldn't own up to it, while Champ believed Stinger killed his creator.  But recently, Champ's discovery of Scorpio's existence has allowed him to place that rage elsewhere and become friends with Stinger.  He's been a faithful friend, referring to Stinger as his "partner" in a display of loyalty that felt misplaced because Stinger obviously didn't feel the same way.  But since Champ's probably not dead forever (though he looks awful), when Stinger does bring him back there's no way the two of them don't become best bros.  All too often we don't get to see enough of the relationships between all these characters develop properly on these shows, but it looks like Kyuranger is working against that.

 6.) Xiao is really growing into his role as a leader, as he tells Stinger probably the most hurtful truth he's ever heard.  Stinger rushes off to attempt to avenge Champ, but instead Xiao sends him off on a mission to fix Champ and restore the Kyuranger to full power.   It's sad that Stinger didn't make this decision on his own, but him being filled with righteous hatred I guess that makes sense on some level.

I will say it's crazy how the show has quickly pared down its numbers--where there were nine Kyuranger, then suddenly eleven, but now suddenly the team's down to only seven.  Kotaro's gone training, Champ's...out of action, and Stinger's leaving to help restore Champ to normal.  Gosh, it would sure be a shame if a powerful enemy appeared out of nowhere to hit the team while they were weak...

7.) Next week:  Despite raising the tension level as high as they did this episode, from the looks of things they're dialing it back heavily for more comedy, which is sad--wait, is this another Balance-focused episode?  Sold.


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