5 Thoughts About Supergirl: "Resist"

This episode is....woof.   I'm not gonna lie, it's just a long-ass list of complaints this time around...

1.)  The Daxamites become a lot less threatening when you realize someone could simply shoot them with a bullet and they go down just like humans.   They can't fly, they're not as strong as Superman or Supergirl...honestly they just might be the least impressive group of alien superbeings we've seen all season.

2.) Cat Grant is back, and so's the overly hopeful music that comes with her overwrought speeches.  As much as I want to like Calista Flockhart, when you utter lines like "I brokered peace between Kanye and Taylor, surely I can create peace between two nations", it's hard.  I will give her that speech about happiness and human connection though; it was corny, but it's squarely in the wheelhouse of optimism that superheroes should inhabit as often as possible.

3.) Flying Air Force One directly towards the alien invasion breaks every rule of the security regarding high-level political officials in reality or fiction, so I was actually pretty cool with the fact that they shot it down because that's exactly what should happen.   It was stupid to do at all, but I will give the series that there's a point at which you realize that Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane) is conversing with Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and the whole thing is so bizarrely cool that I got a big, stupid grin on my face.

4.) For every neat thing this episode does, it also tended to do something that super pissed me off.  Watching Guardian show up and cover a trio of Daxamite warriors in lead particles to take them out was awesome!  ....But then Cat just guesses his identity because "you can see his eyes" and you're left wondering how Kara and her flimsy-ass excuses lasted even a single second pretending to be two different people.

5.) They brought Superman back?  Sweet, he's one of the primary reasons I started watching this show.   ....They brought him back mind-controlled?   -sigh-  I just can't win this week, can I?   For a threat as big as alien invasions, you'd think it'd make perfect sense to have Superman around to serve as a help to Kara, particularly when J'onn's out of action.  But nope, we have to mount the tension just high enough to make it unbelievable that the hero could overcome it all.   Great.


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