5 Thoughts About Flash: "I Know Who You Are"

Savitar stands revealed....

1.) Caitlin makes her first "real" appearance as Killer Frost this episode, and it actually leads to some of the episode's best action scenes, even with the series' limited SFX budget.  There's a bit where she's attempting to kill the person responsible for building Savitar's prison with an ice blast only for Barry to combine his ability to generate friction with a spark from a blowtorch that's one of the most unique ways he's used his speed probably since he learned how to toss lightning bolts.  If he's not going to learn how to give and take speed then this will do, I think.

2.) Cisco struggling with actually attacking Killer Frost made for understandable drama--the two of them have been friends since before the show even started really, but it also makes one wonder if Barry actually told Cisco that in the future his hesitation lead to him having robot hands. 

...Of course, knowing Cisco that might have been the plan all along.  Robot hands do sound kind of cool.

3.) I swear I'm tapped out relationship wise, and yet they just added another potential match: H.R. Wells and Tracy.  Technically no version of H.R. has experienced a romantic entanglement so it's new, and yet with all the existing relationship-y stuff across this series as well as Supergirl just makes it feel overwhelming. 

4.) Along those lines, it would be great if CW-verse would figure out another solution to problems in relationships besides "I think we should end it".  In the real world most people don't break up and get back together a billion times, breaking up is the last option and usually when it happens that's the end of things.  Its especially frustrating to see this sort of childish behavior come from Joe, who's ostensibly the oldest and most mature person on the show.

5.) The identity of Savitar should make everyone's head hurt.  If killing Iris is what eventually sets Barry down the road to becoming Savitar, then what makes him become Savitar at first?  It's that kind of convoluted, paradoxical circularity that leads to the "I hate Time Travel" trope. 

In general this reveal just felt poorly handled.  There's certainly been evil Barrys before but most of them have had a far more clear goal than this guy, who appears to have absolutely no goal besides killing Iris--which he's had plenty of opportunities to do and hasn't for...reasons.  And the season is at this point made or broken on whether or not they can get through this upcoming episode without creating massive plot holes in their own story.  If they can do that it's great but...why leave yourself open to this in the first place?


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