5 Thoughts About Flash: "Cause and Effect"

Only two more episodes left, and we took time off to do a story about Barry losing his memory?  Oh.  Okay.

1.)  I guessed "time remnant" last week, because that was such a random bit of dialogue to hear from future Flash, but I hoped it wouldn't be true.  Cisco can draw all the Back to the Future-esque timelines he wants, this still won't make sense.   Savitar's attack on Iris is what causes Barry to create time remnants to fight him, if Savitar didn't exist there wouldn't be any time remnants for one of them to become Savitar.    When they explained how time travel worked in Back to the Future they kept the rules simple--there weren't any circular paradoxes like this.  I guess I should've known we'd eventually get this stupid when they got rid of Reverse Flash by having his ancestor kill himself.   Though it made sense, they never actually dealt with the changes that would've had to cause to the timeline, so I guess it opens the door to this level of stupidity.

2.) Since we're on the subject of stupid, Cisco and Julian's plan of making Barry unable to create new memories is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.  Wouldn't it have been so much easier to just come up with plan(s) without Barry being around?   That way Savitar couldn't combat any of them? 

3.) Also, I'm in favor of running fewer episodes of the Flash if we're going to have many more episodes like this.   With Barry's memory gone and our hero suddenly seeing himself as a different person, after the initial confrontation with Savitar things were dialed things way back in order to focus heavy on comedy and romantic subplots.  I feel like it's obvious to say, but: episode twenty-one of episode twenty-three of your series should be one of the most dramatic, not the least.   The more CW shows I watch the more I feel like it's better when the writers don't have enough time, rather than too much, and this episode reinforces that.  To be fair, there are a lot of cute bits to it--watching Iris clearly fall in love with Barry all over again drives home the idea that these two are meant to be together,

4.) They should honestly just let Killer Frost re-join the team as Killer Frost. We had three years as Caitlin, let Danielle Panabaker play someone else now.  She can still have elements of Caitlin to her, but ultimately I think the show would be better served if the team wasn't permanently happy and had someone who had a bit of edge to her.

5.) The random King Shark appearance at the end (combined with what seemed like a Dominator reference?) makes me think the ending is going to be hella busy, which is ridiculous because that doesn't feel like what they'd be heading towards.  I'd think more than anything we'd be heading towards Team Flash uniting as best they can to try and take Savitar down in these last two episodes, but this makes me think we'll be involving ARGUS?   Oh well.  Whatever's happening now, we're already strapped in.


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