Battle Rap Wednesdays - Deadman vs. Head ICE

This battle has a couple problems.

First off, somebody didn't spend enough time making sure the audio was as clear with this one as it was with the others.   Too much ambient noise to be heard over the mics.   Second, Deadman's actually got some CRAZY rhymes in this battle ("I stomp ICE until I'm walking on water, Jesus Christ!"), but his voice is fucked so it's hard to make out what he's saying.

It's still getting a slot here because I liked it, it's my site, and I'm too busy/lazy (pick one) to find another.

As for the battle, I'm calling it 2-1 Deadman.   Dude spazzed out in the second and the third, his first was forgettable and Ice was the most consistent in that one.  Good battle though.


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