Battle Rap Wednesday: JC vs. J-Pro

Let's talk about this, because it's actually kinda interesting.  JC's been taking a LOT of battles lately, and all the ones I've seen, he's killed in.  This one's the first one I've seen him get a decent match from (aside from Caustic), but...I still think he won.   J-Pro was really funny in the first round, kinda funny in the third, and was spitting bars in the third.  Now I'm not apart of that Bars over Everything movement, but I will say the lack of focus kind of hurt the dude.  J-Pro would have a nice punch or a decent joke and then fuck it up for himself with a lot of filler or a weak bar, which means he would say something cold and then kill his momentum.

On the other hand?  JC was comfortable, with the huge stack of bodies he has from previous battles giving him a confidence I've never seen from the guy before.  His bars were nothing super crazy, but he's consistent as fuck and that's why he keeps stacking up the wins.  Still, I would be careful.  Last time I saw 100 Bulletz he was...less shitty than he was against Arcane.  A mistake there would be painful, and I'd hate to see one of my Top 10 lose to somebody with a flow and bars that weak.

JC 2-1 or 3-0.  


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