Battle Rap Friday: Bonnie Godiva vs. Looney Divine

School just started, so this is late.  Anyway, it sounds weird to say but one of my favorite things in battle rap is a nice, clear 3-0 win.  Bonnie Godiva managed to give me that gift, along with one of the best battles I've seen in months. By the third round its already clear who won, it's just a question of whether or not its a bodybag.  Personally, since everyone of Bonnie's rounds had a haymaker...#ZipEmUp

(Also.  Female battle rappers?  Bonnie is like, ridiculously hot.  And each time you spit bars calling her ugly, I ignore them shits.  So Looney lost like half of Round 1 and a fifth or so of Round 2 automatically, for instance.  You can't insult her on something we all know is a lie.)


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