The Pointe Crew: An Experiment in Hilarity

The Pointe Crew is a product of me and my friends sitting down one too many times, having ridiculous conversations and then randomly going "Why aren't we filming this?!"  Originally I wanted to just have a solo channel, but I've seen a lot of those and to be honest they're usually boring, particularly when they discuss the geeky shit that my friends and I get into.

So, here's the deal.  (At least) once a week, my friends and I will release one of these.  We're all experts in different fields (or at the very least, smart enough about a subject to do a video about it), so each video will be about something different.  We've agreed to cover gaming, wrestling, anime, comic books, and tokusatsu so far.  The list is open to grow, and there will be a variety of people in each episode.   Hopefully we'll avoid the pitfalls a lot of geek video casts fall into and you'll find it enjoyable--we have a great enough time doing them.  So without further adieu, check out episode 3:


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