Calendar of Cool Spotlight: Doctor Who

Everyone's favorite time-traveler returns this weekend, complete with new companion Clara Oswald (played by the stunningly gorgeous and talented Jenna-Louise Coleman).  I'm looking forward to seeing how their dynamic develops as we get another companion that seems to be the Doctor's equal (in cleverness if not intelligence)--something we haven't had in my opinion since Martha.  (Rose was an idiot, Donna was...Donna, Amy was fiery and Rory was Concentrated Awesome, but rarely all that clever.)  

The BBC has a promo up for the next episode, The Bells of Saint John.  The Doctor seems to be full of his usual outrage at the bad guys and Moffat seems to have cooked up another creepy episode that most people won't want to watch at night.

Of course, the episode airs on BBC America at 8PM EST/7PM CST so uh...remember to set your DVRs if you're jumpy.


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