Battle Rap Wednesdays: O-Red vs. T-Rex

I debated putting this up (I actually couldn't think of anything to post last week, so apologies for that) because it was kinda eh with some decent lines between both battlers, but then they got to the third round. 

A lot of times, when I watch battlers, I notice they do this strange thing where they really aren't rapping so much as reciting, with a lot of pauses to wait on the crowd's reaction.  It creates a situation where you can't grade them on flow because, in my opinion, their flow is non-existent.  T-Rex eschews typical battle rapper behavior in round 3 and goes all in, barely stopping to take a breath as he spits bar after bar of some of the coldest gangster rap shit I've heard in a battle before.

...And then O-Red dismantles it all with his third, exposing everything from Rex's career (the "when they say give snitches the one that's giving 'em" line had me crying) to all the gangster things Rex claims he's done.  It was a pretty impressive piece of work that made up for the fact that his flow wasn't nearly as good.  So for their third rounds alone they earned a spot on this.


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