Thanks Internet 3: Angelic Noir's Random J-Drama Sunday

Thanks Internet (For Not Sucking), was a column I started in like...2010 to basically off-set the immense amount of pure garbage the internet is responsible for (internet memes, the comment sections of any website) with some of the awesome, creative, cool shit it occasionally manages to give it's faithful users.

...And, like most columns I started, I sort of forgot about it, even though there are a ton of cool things I've found since I did it those years ago.   It didn't occur to me to bring it back until I realized a friend of mine was doing a really awesome thing and I hadn't given it the props it deserved on JiH.  So, here we go!

Aside from having one of the coolest names I've heard on the internet (aside from my own), Angelic Noir is a friend of mine I met on the Henshin Justice Unlimited forums, who decided to start her own YouTube channel devoted to reviewing/discussing some of the better J-Drama she ran across.  She found a partner in fellow HJU member Blade Dancer, and thus Random J-Drama Sunday was born. 

Now personally, I'm not much for J-Dramas--so often they tend to be boring as shit, but Angie has an incredible knack for finding ones with a good mix of action, (interesting) drama, and comedy.  Before I started watching RJDS I had maybe one or two J-Drama on my giant list of "shit to watch", but now nearly every time she does one of these I have to add a new one.   (Thanks a lot, you two.  :P)

Angie puts a ton of work into doing these things, and it shows--with graphics, music, and even cutaways, each new video feels like a genuine episode of a television series.  Its entertaining to see the show hosts play off of each other as they explain what makes the show they're focusing on worth watching, with RJDS often ending up just as fun as the show they're talking about. 

She updates bi-weekly due to needing time to both watch new series and edit the videos (and due to having a ridiculous, soul-crushing real life schedule), but if you like J-Dramas I definitely recommend you subscribe to her page.  You won't regret it. 

(And, I promise to do more of these in the future...there's probably a half-dozen I could do just based off the YouTube people I follow.)


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