Battle Rap Wednesdays: Charlie Clips vs. X-Factor

Every now and then you got to watch a good slaughter.  I wondered when I watched that Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe battle what this line meant:

"Let X-Factor trip.  We won't even drag the script, we'll just lock that aggin in a room and keep showing him the match with Clips."

And then I stumbled across this:

So after 25 minutes of one guy addressing everything from your battle record, to your girlfriend and relationship with your son, you come back with...15 minutes of fat jokes and some cartoon gun bars?  Really tho?   Detroit cats need to step their game up.  This the third time I've seen ya'll take a L.  And its never all that close.  A lot of these bars had my face scrunched up like Stevie J.  Em need to give some training classes. 


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