A New Challenger Appears!

And so, we're given the first new character of Injustice announced in several months:

I'm not sure why I didn't think of Green Arrow.  Well, technically I did back in my Injustice prediction list, but he was just someone I tossed in to fill out the roster.   But it makes so much sense: DC's really into "synergizing the brand" and all that jazz, so who better to place in the game than a character who's got a series coming out really really soon on the CW?  (Actually, even this announcement is perfectly planned: the series premieres tomorrow night.)

Green Arrow seems to fit really well as a technical character with a lot of variety in his special attacks via the trick arrows he employs.  This also almost guarantees Deathstroke being added since he'll be appearing in the Arrow television series, and is somewhat of a nemesis to both Green Arrow and Nightwing anyway.

Also, just as a guess, with 14 characters left to appear but only seven months until release, I'd look for another character to be announced in about two weeks or so.  Most likely a villain, which means I won't care as much, but I'll still probably post about it.  Especially if it further validates the list I created. 


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