The Shuffle - Brown - Dollar Menu Ballad

This is the dollar menu ballad, so throw your ones up in the air
They going right back in our pocket though, so we don't even care
For all my niggas out there struggling, I gotta let you know
Being broke, ain't a joke, but you gotta keep the hope 

In complete, utter contrast to yesterday's Shuffle entry--the most down-to-Earth video I've ever watched.  No balling, no happy-ass dance routines out of nowhere, just pure truth and dope rhymes about the struggle. 

Judging by the number of views dude got on this video (not even breaking 2k yet), Brown's actually not that big of an artist.  But if he keeps rapping like this, he will be.   Shouts out to the TSS crew for making me aware of him. 


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