Battle Rap Wednesdays: Hollow da Don vs. Loaded Lux

The best battle of 2014, and UW/UDubb is finally able to release the shit to the "YouTube peasants" instead of hiding it behind a paywall.    Y'know, nevermind that it's been on YT as a shitty bootleg for the past five months.

I had the privilege of watching this on UW High Stakes' actual Pay Per View that cold Sunday night in January.   In sharp contrast to the recent Total Slaughter event (where the only thing that got slaughtered was any respect mainstream might've had for battle rap), High Stakes was as close to perfect as they could've gotten.  Aside from a few minor issues with Lux's gimmick, there's very little you could've done to improve upon what happened that night. 

Every battle had a high light moment, whether that was Calicoe coming back to a major stage and 3-0'ing the top tier Tsunami Surf, or Daylyt having an actually unique, cool, and funny gimmick alongside bars to battle the punchline master B-Magic, or Hitman's third round against O-Red.   (No seriously, Hitman's 3rd round is as impressive as Lux's 3rd, just instead of seriousness it's all comedy.)   They all felt important and worthy of that $30.  And that's before you get to the battle above.

Now I'm not going to speak much on this battle, save to say that both emcees did a great job and dropped some gems in each one of their rounds.  Loaded spit some pretty complex stuff (which I don't see as a negative no matter how Hollow tries to spin it), while Hollow lyrically dismantled Lux with some of the best angles and rhyme flows I've ever had the pleasure of sitting through.   Classic on both ends.  


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