Battle Rap Wednesdays - Sno vs. HA Double

Skip to three minutes in to cut past the bullshit.   Now, with this battle let me make some notes:

1.) DAMN, AyeVerb was right about some of you new dudes.  Ya'll need work.  I'll get to Sno in a second, but let's talk about HA Double first.   What, the...FUCK am I listening to?   He choked twice in three rounds, and wasted a two and a half minute round trying to flip pen in as many ways as he can.  That shit's a neat little writing practice thing to make sure you stay polished, but leave that shit at home when you battling.   Then he went the white vs. black angle, which is tired.   A few bars is cool, but he spammed that shit to hell and back.  Then he had the nerve to try and take a Charlie Clips line.   First off, it's a Charlie Clips line which automatically means a few things:

A.) People saw that battle, so we know its not yours.
B.) It's not that clever, because it's Charlie Clips and he wins 90% of his battles not from being more clever than the next dude, but basically from being the funniest guy in the room.   He's in my Top 5 because of that.  It didn't work for you because,
C.) Goodz was right.  Same thing that went for Danja Zone, goes for you.   "All that name flippin', bar after bar but they ain't hittin'/Me? I shoot straight to the point, our aim different./Where's the charisma at?  That was today's lesson./Matter of fact you rappers shoulda caught me at Christmas, I was giving out Stage Presence."

HA Double could be a threat if he developed a flow that fit better on stage than on wax, stopped being so impressed with his own "lyricism" and had more charisma.   Listen, I know it's the deal with you new guys to be like "I'm not like these Top Tier dudes--it's Bars Ova Everything with me!"   But see, the old guys became Top Tier because at one point they could rap and had personality.   You gotta develop both, or you'll sound like everybody else.   Mr. Mills and Danny Myers are your blueprints.  Get to work.

2.)  I really, really want to like Sno.  (Bear Paws.)  Dude's like, so close to making it into my Top 10.  The problem I noticed before was that he was inconsistent.  The problem I'm noticing now is that he's trying to be like Eminem and rap a bunch of weird, strange shit to stand out.   Which could be cool, but he's wasting all his creativity attempting to come up with 500 different ways to tell us how he's going to fuck the other dude's girl.

Sometimes this works (that line about "chest stubble").  Sometimes...not so much (half the rest of them lines).

Either way, Danny Myers is in this so I'm looking forward to a classic in two weeks either way, with Sno vs. Myers. 


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